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"To whom it may concern:

Mr. David Harding has been generously donating Doctor's Pain Formula for use in the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College clinics for the last three years.

Although our interns have the freedom to use other creams in the treatment rooms, Doctor's Pain Formula has been used consistently more often than other creams. Some of our interns have indicated they find the cream effective and have noted that some of their patients are now requesting it.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned."

Yours sincerely,

(SIGNED) Peter Kim, BSc, DC, FCCS(C)

Director Clinical Education and Patient Care - Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto, ON


"I have been using Doctor's Pain Formula topical analgesic cream in my chiropractic practice for several months now and really like the product. I use it a lot as part of my routine treatment especially when dealing with soft tissue injuries.

Patients are always telling my staff how much they like that nice lotion that the doctor uses. Of course, they usually ask, "Do you sell that product here?" We don't really need to promote the product very much as it sells itself!

An added benefit for me is that it keeps my hands in great shape. For years, my fingers and thumbs would develop deep cracks during the winter months. I am very pleased to say that that problem no longer exists as the Doctor's Pain Formula keeps my skin in great shape!"

Dr. Bruce Elliott
Aspen Chiropractic Health Centre
Westlock, Alberta


"I have been listening to it for years, patients wondering if ever there might be a topical analgesic lotion available that doesn't have a pungent smell. So often many brands make claims of such but still the item would have a strong odor no matter what the fine print stated. I am happy to report that after years of not being able to satisfy patient needs for having a pleasant smelling topical analgesic Doctor's Pain Formula has come to the rescue. I now not only have a product that pleases patients with sensitive olfactory systems but a product whose ingredients are unsurpassed in providing the most effective means at decreasing inflammation and pain. Thank you Doctor's Pain Formula!!"

Dr. Joanne S. Hubley, DC
The rEvolution Health & Wellness Centre - St. Catharines, ON


"Doctor's Pain Formula has provided my practice members with a non-pharmaceutical way to effectively manage the pain associated with chronic degenerative arthritis.

Doctor's Pain Formula is hands down the best topical pain lotion out there."

Robert Rudy, D.C.
Westside Family Chiropractic
Peterborough, ON


"Doctor's Pain Formula Works!! That's the bottom line. I use it with patients for stiff and achey muscles and sore, inflammed joints that have developed from their activities of daily living. Their response is: "where can I get some of this?" All I have to do is keep it in stock and it sells itself.

Doctor's Foot Therapy cream is also a great product to soften and invigorate the feet. Powerful ingredients that get results! That's a great formula! Good work DPF.

Dr. Tom Jessiman,
Jessiman Family Chiropractic.
Thunder Bay, ON


"Since I started using Doctor's Pain Formula and Doctor's Foot Therapy, my clients have been very happy with the results. The initial use is a little shocking because of the cold effect it has. Then they start to relax as their pain eases and/or subsides. I use these products on patients with arthritis, knee injuries, MVA, soft tissue injuries, etc.

When using osteopathy with Doctor's products, my treatments are more effective because it helps reduce inflammation and the body is more prepared to heal. Many patients ask to purchase this product because they love the smell and enjoy the anti-inflammatory effects and want to continue this therapy at home. This reduces their recuperation time so it is a win win situation. Lymphatic treatments are also more effective when using Doctor's Pain Formula.

My reflexology patients also benefit from the Doctor's Foot Therapy cream. When using this product for reflexology, ankle injuries or circulation problems the overall results are much more effective."

Andrea Goldberger
Centre For Natural Healing
Doctor of Natural Medicine, DO (MP)


"My wife and I decided to offer Doctor's Pain Formula as an alternative to products that we already offered in the clinic. We were presently surprised by the positive feedback that we received from our patients, especially the female ones due to the pleasant smell of the cream!

We've also found that our hands do not ache like they used to after a busy day of adjusting patients. We often incorporate the product with soft tissue techniques and are thereby treating our hands indirectly.

Thank You Doctor's Pain Formula!"

Dr. Paul Rego
Martindale Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
St. Catharines, ON

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