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Thanks  so very much. I placed the order on Monday. And I am using it today (Tuesday). Thanks, we love your Doctor's Pain Formula cream

Jill Spencer, Ennismore, ON

Testimonials From Consumers


Doctor's Pain Formula provides relief to the whole family..."My family started using the DPF /white stuff some time ago as we all have had injuries regarding knees, shoulders and ankle and foot injuries.  I have even used it on my 9 year old son when he tore ligaments in his foot during hockey season and was to stay off his foot for a month but I had him on rest for 2weeks and recovered fully while I diligently put the DPF white stuff on his foot daily.  Even having to remind him to stay off of it while he felt great to walk on it within the each half hour following application!

I really do believe that all athletes, especially curlers should use your products because of the repetitive injuries they deal with all season long, even all year-round.  Team Jacobson, a Saskatchewan team on the Pro-tour based out of the Nutana Curling Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Their Second position, Dustin Kalthoff suffered a knee injury two weeks ago.   He was told to stay off of his knee for a couple weeks.  Knowing this was not good for the team, being their start to the competitive season, I gave him a few days worth of what I had left of the DPF/White Stuff this past Sunday.  Last night Wednesday, the team had their curling men's league and he was able to get back playing again.  So I absolutely swear by these great products!"

Jennifer Deconincksmith, Fiske, Saskatchewan, Canada 

"I have finally found relief for the constant pain in my knees, the Doctor's Pain Formula Cream is absolutely amazing. I've been using it once a day, and I'm fine."

Maxine Wilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

"I have arthritis in most of my joints and that means constant aching, especially on damp days. I have tried many remedies with little relief and sleeping is always difficult. On my husband's suggestion, I tried Doctor's Pain Formula; the relief was instant , penetrated deeper and lasted a long time.

I also have a knee injury from a torn ligament and this formula was my "saving grace" in allowing me to get to sleep at  night.

My arm and shoulder were sore for 4 days, I used Doctor's pain Formula and everything went away so I could move my shoulder and neck without stiffness or discomfort."

I have recommended the formula to many of my friends and family members.

Thank you so much,

Brenda Haugen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"We were introduced to Doctor's Pain Formula by an elderly gentleman of about 70+ years that we met at a wedding. After only using the product for a few months, he could two-step circles around us on the dance floor.

Having used Doctor's Pain Formula for over a year, our family finds that it appears to heal, not just relieve. Finally, a product that delivers what it states. Wouldn't be without it. Thanks!"

Cindy LaFleche, Legal Alberta, Canada

"My friend had some dental work done and was taking pain killers to help with the facial pain and neck pain; nothing really worked! So I put some cream on her face and neck and she was as good as new again, the next day she was able to go to work and function all day with another application of Doctor's Pain Formula. It sure helped her through a difficult time with her dental work."

Marva Luke, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

" I like the fact that it is made from all-natural products and has no bad side effects, like drugs! Doctor's Pain Formula has a slight cool feel and the pain of my severe arthritis in my knees, hands, back and neck is gone in 5 minutes, plus it lasts for 2 to 3 hours or more! I always have a jar with me when I'm leaving home for more than 3 hours...I've been using it for years.

I'm glad I don't have to bring it all the way from the US anymore." - Many Thanks

Norma Davis, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

"I suffer from arthritis in my hip, and I also had orthroscopic surgery done on my knee. However as I have a physically difficult and demanding job I was hard pressed to find some form of pain relief. I tried accupuncture, therapy, laser treatment and massage, some of it did help a little but not much and also was extremely expensive. Prescription pain medications worked as well but the long term effects outweighed the benefits. Then I learned about Doctor's Pain Formula, and my problems were solved! Not only was it able to soothe my aches and pains, it is an all natural product with no side-effects and extremely affordable. I keep Doctor's Pain Formula with me at all times and share and recommend it to any co-worker I call it my "Miracle Cream" and they all agree!! Doctor's Pain Formula I'd strongly recommend it to anybody it is a dream come true!!!"
Sterling Symonds - Ontario, Canada

"I'm a true believer in Doctor's Pain Formula pain relief cream. I started using it shortly after it was available at my doctor's chiropractic clinic in April and still use it faithfully.

I was having pain in my hips that would sometimes shoot down my legs. The pain would wake me up during the night, especially when I would turn from side to side, sometimes preventing me from sleeping on my side. The pain would also cause discomfort at my job. My job requires me to be on the move all the time, plus being on the floor and sitting on small chairs. I work with small children, so I need to be pretty mobile and free to move quickly.

My doctor suggested I try Doctor's Pain Formula along with the adjustments that I was getting. First thing in the morning I would use Doctor's Pain Formula and at least two to three more times a day. Gradually I could tell the difference and wasn't experiencing as much pain in my hips. I could finally turn from side to side in bed and not get pains that would wake me and keep me awake.

I am still faithfully using Doctor's Pain Formula and always have it on hand. It's the best muscle and joint relief cream I've ever used. Thanks for helping me finally get relief."
Cindy S.

"The greatest invention since chocolate milk and sliced bread is Doctor?s Pain formula! I buy six at a time to give to my friends. They love it. They thank me for introducing them to this great product."
Celia H. 

"For years I faithfully used a product daily to ease pain and muscle tension. In fact, I never left home without it. Now, however; I have tried a new product that has proven to be even more effective. The Blue Spring Doctor's Formula not only eases the pain with one application, rather then several, but also has a pleasant smell and is not sticky. I have been very happy with this product and would highly recommend it due to its effectiveness."
Sarah B.

"I recently went to a new Chiropractor whose technique was very effective on my shoulder stiffness. When the treatment was over she rubbed into the affected area a cream which was immensely soothing. At the end of my second visit I asked her to show me the container and I saw that it was Doctor's Pain Formula. Reading the list of ingredients assured me even more that this was a really useful and pleasant product as it included many of the remedies which I had used in the past. Now here they all were together - Emu Oil, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, MSM, Menthol and many more trusted ingredients. I have already arranged to buy my first bottle from a nearby supplier. "
John Wichelow - Toronto, ON

"Doctors Pain Formula was an exhibitor at our Chronic Pain Forum in 2010 and it was a hit! Participants who tried the pain relief cream were surprised at the almost immediate relief of their pain symptoms. I expected the first question from the members of our pain support group to be about its cost but instead, the number one question that I heard was 'where could the Pain Formula be purchased?' Since trying the sample that was provided, I now use the product regularly, as a supplement to and occasionally in place of some of my daily medications for my nerve pain. "
Glen Hutzul - facilitator, New Outlook Chronic Pain Support Group - Toronto, ON






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